Information for Vermont HCPs

Dear Health Care Professional:

If you regularly practice in Vermont, the law requires pharmaceutical companies to report your acceptance of Coupons and Free Trial Offers to government authorities.

Under the law, distribution of Coupons and Free Trial Offers to health care professionals who are not licensed in Vermont but who "regularly practice" in Vermont must also be reported, whether or not the savings offer is received in Vermont. Under Vermont law, "regularly practice" means practicing at least periodically under contract with, or as an employee or owner of, a medical practice, health care facility, nursing home, hospital, or university located in Vermont.

If you are a health care professional who practices outside the state of Vermont, but regularly practices in Vermont, please do not download, print, or otherwise accept Coupons and Free Trial Offers for GSK products. If you would like to receive Coupons and Free Trial Offers (that GSK will report and track for the state of Vermont), please contact a sales representative at 1‑888‑825‑5249 or click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this website.