GlaxoSmithKline Resources

GSK wants to help you learn more about your health, which is why we’ve made available a number of health information Web sites and downloadable resources for your reference. Please look through our health resources and see what GSK can provide you.

Medicine Record Form (PDF Format)

Keep track of the medicines you’re taking with this form, which you can bring with you during visits with your healthcare provider. Each time that you take a new medicine, add the name of that medicine to your Medicine Record Form.


GSK Response Center

The GSK Response Center is staffed by trained specialists who have the knowledge and resources to answer your questions about GSK medicines. You can reach them by phone or e-mail.

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GSK Reimbursement Resource Center (RRC)

This center can help you learn what GSK medicines are covered under your prescription medicine plan or health insurance. The RRC can also help you to understand why coverage was denied for a GSK medicine.

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This site offers important information about adult vaccinations, including vaccination recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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